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Chapter 1

“Piper! Is the Satellar Company report ready yet?”

“Uh, I’m sorry Mike, I thought you said Cropco was the highest priority… I have that report right here.”

“No! I need the Satellar report right now!”

“But I have your email from yesterday, saying that...”

“Well, priorities changed! I need the Cropco report by tonight! Work late if you have to!”

Piper raged inwardly but slinked away. She asked her co-worker who she had a dependency on for help.

“Sorry Piper! Got plans with my drinking buddies tonight! Good luck though!” He winked crookedly and shot a finger gun at her.

“Mark, it’s 3PM! You can work on this for two hours, can’t you? Anything would help!”

“Ah, nope! I’m heading out right now!” Another finger gun and two annoying clicks of his tongue.

Piper wanted to scream.

A frustrated Piper came home to find her husband, Peter, in a dimly lit room, illuminated only by the ghostly glow of the TV. He was eating some cheap, cold pizza.

“Hey Piper, I thought you said you’d be making dinner tonight.”

“Ugh… Peter, can’t you tell I had a hard day?” she dropped her bag onto the floor angrily.

“Ok, ok, yeah, sorry. C’mere. Want some pizza?”

“Yeah, that sounds great.”

Piper snuggled up against her husband, resting her head on his shoulder. She took a bite of the cold, rubbery pizza, forcing herself to swallow the flavorless mass before throwing the rest of the slice back on the messy coffee table.

After finishing the second half of the movie, Peter went to bed while Piper cleaned up after him.

Climbing the stairs to their second floor bedroom, she walked past the framed pictures hanging on the wall, glowing from the reflected moonlight shining through the window of their front door. Peter’s high school football jersey, their wedding photos mostly attended by Peter’s side of the family, and a photo of just Peter and Piper in a studio. And finally, a photo of her as a young woman with her golden retriever, Milo. She sighed. There really wasn’t much in her life besides Peter.

Brushing her teeth and noting the black rings around her eyes, Piper looked through their medicine cabinet full of Peter’s research knick knacks from work. Why did he always leave this stuff lying around!?

A picture of Peter and his brother, Steven, was prominently on display. They were wildly drunk, with their ties tied around their foreheads. Piper scowled, the toothpaste foaming and leaking out the side of her mouth. She hated Steven’s fratboy influence on Peter.

After undoing her makeup, she crawled into bed just a stroke before midnight.

“Hey Piper?” Peter asked, reaching over to fondle her breasts as he spooned her.

“Yeah hun?”

“Are you in the mood tonight?”

“Not really…”

“Aw, please, Piper? It’s the weekend tomorrow.”

She sighed and gave in. “Okay, Peter. You owe me though. Oof, hey, not so rough!” He had begun squeezing her breasts too hard when she consented.

“You’re the best, babe. Can you roleplay as my evil superpowered mistress? That always gets me to finish fast.”

Of course he gets to finish quickly, she thought. But she wasn’t interested in her own pleasure tonight anyway, so she may as well.

Piper pushed him onto his back with her “super strength.” Peter rolled over with a loud “oomph,” playing into the fantasy.

Piper climbed on top of his chiseled abs and pecs, admiring his strong arms. He really was a delicious specimen of a man, never having stopped taking care of his body after his glory days in college unlike so many others. She placed her fingers over his neck and squeezed gently as they humped each other through their underwear.

“Harder,” he whispered.

She obliged, feeling him stiffen as she dug her fingers deeper into his throat.

“You can’t stop me, can you?” she whispered ominously. “I could kill you right here if I wanted…”

Peter grabbed her arm with his firm hands in a play attempt to get out. Piper “flicked” them away and slapped his cheek. It reddened from her open-palmed strike. She knew that he liked it. His little soldier jumped to attention even more.

“You pathetic fuck. I can feel you growing even harder as I hurt you. If I broke your arm with a pinch of my fingers, would you scream in pain, or moan in arousal?” She undulated her hips against him, rubbing his fully stiff erection even more roughly. “What if I squeezed my legs together and shattered your hips?”

Peter’s eyes were glazing over. He began to grind his burning iron against his wife’s hot intimacy as he pumped his hips.

Piper struggled to keep him restrained, playing into the fantasy. His thrusting was too powerful for her not to bounce a little, but she did her best. She placed her hand on one of his arms, trying to pin him to the bed to prevent his violent bucking. He played along awkwardly, clearly able to overpower her with his struggles.

“What if I just burn you to a crisp with my eyes? Think you’d come before you die? Nah… my lasers are way too powerful. You wouldn’t even be able to process it before you turned into ash. I’d probably blast a hole through the entire planet too. Imagine all the screaming...”

Peter’s virile erection was leaking now, causing a wet stain to appear in his boxers. The thought of his wife being able to do these things to him, to anyone, was so wonderful… He ground his shaft against her, so near to orgasm just from her nasty teasing.

“Or what if I freeze your stupid little dick with my ice breath? Could you imagine the shrinkage!? And then I’d flick your frozen little stiffy with a finger and shatter it into a billion pieces!”

Peter couldn’t take it anymore. With a few final thrusts, he groaned as he flooded his pants in four urgent spurts. His back arched as he came, throwing his wife off of him in the violent process. Once his pulsing subsided, he lay back down on the bed, breathing hard, the last few dregs of his orgasm dribbling out of his now softening member.

He went to clean himself off in the bathroom. Changing into a fresh pair of underwear, he climbed into bed again.

“Hey honey… that was great. I love it when you threaten to kill me and do all those crazy things. I’m pretty tired now, so… do you mind if I go to sleep?”

“Yeah sure, Peter.” She was too exhausted to be disappointed today.

“Love you, sweetie. I’ll make it up to you, I swear!”

Uh huh. Getting rid of Peter’s little brother, finally getting one over on his rich, hyper-competent, alpha sister… If only she actually had these powers that her husband fantasized about, oh the things she would do...

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60,000 words, 25 images

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Tolerable Cruelty (Deluxe Edition)

3 ratings
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